https aka ms remoteconnect- Mine Craft Login, Fix Error

Did your enjoyment and entertainment get interrupted while playing or logging into the Minecraft game?

You received error and now you do not know what to do, right?

Console video games often come with various technical issues and errors that occur at any point.

Most of these errors do not let you further play the video game and thus disrupt the gameplay.

Sometimes these errors require expert advice and are fixed by the gaming company itself and sometimes these errors are fixed just by basic troubleshooting and other times you have to follow some simple steps to fix the error yourself.

Today we are dealing with yet another irritating technical error faced when we log in to our Minecraft game account.

The moment we hit login we are taken to another website and things do not get any better.

But why do we receive this error?

How can we easily fix it ourselves?

We will answer all your questions in this article. So, let us begin without any further ado. remoteconnect code

What is this Minecraft login error?

Thousands of Minecraft players have reported facing error while playing the game on Play Station 4, Xbox, Nintendo, or PC.

However, it is like a bug that usually occurs on the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock game edition.

This error occurs when you are unable to login into the Minecraft game using your Microsoft account. Once this error appears, you will be unable to do anything else.

No account actions could be performed. You are taken to website to enter your login credentials but nothing seems to really work.

Major reasons behind this error:

Some of the major reasons behind this login error in the Minecraft game are mentioned below.

You must try to understand the particular reason behind the error that is caused in your device.

  • Device change- One of the main reasons behind this error is the change of device you play your Minecraft game on. Gamers often switch between consoles or gadgets they play on. While Minecraft allows you to easily switch between devices by using a single account, sometimes you can counter this login error that asks you to login remotely. It also happens if you are logged into multiple devices but with the same Microsoft or Minecraft account.
  • Corrupt data files- it is normal for a game’s data files to get corrupted due to an update or other reasons. Such files also cause gaming issues and therefore, give you log-in errors. All the game files must be proper for the smooth functioning of the game.
  • Crossplay or cross-platform play– Minecraft is a cross-play game allowing you to play with other players online and with a different gadget or device that has different hardware as compared to other players. Not all games are cross-play games and the ones that do sometimes give you technical errors. It is believed that the error is caused when you are trying to use the cross-play option for the first time.

How to fix the error?

Just like every problem has a solution in real life, every technical error in the virtual world also has a fixing method.

This method might differ from device to device but the main crux will be the same for all of them.

Below are some tips and methods to fix the error that gives you Microsoft login issues.

Method-1 Get the activation code

  • Open your Microsoft account reset page. It can be accessed through the settings on the home page.
  • Reset a new and strong password for the same Microsoft account.
  • Provide the correct email ID that is linked with your game and your phone number. Otherwise, you might face issues later on.
  • Microsoft will then validate your account. This usually takes a couple of minutes.
  • Microsoft will ask you to choose a method for logging in. You can simply proceed by entering the last 4 digits of your phone number.
  • A verification code will be sent on your phone. Enter it on the screen and click next.
  • Carefully choose the new password. You will be logged out of all the previous devices where you entered the same Microsoft account.
  • Restart your gaming console and Minecraft game.
  • Enter the Microsoft account for which you just reset the password. An activation code will appear on the screen, note it down. Enter this code when prompted after the error appears.
  • You will successfully be able to surpass the error and log back into your game.

You can also search the code access page on your personal computer.

Note down the activation code that appears on your screen. You can enter this code the next time you log in to another device.

Did you know that this method of retrieving access codes when shifting devices is known as the brute force method?

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Method 2- Delete the saved corrupted game files

This method will help you remove all the corrupted game data files from your device and allow you to log in to the updated game version without any interruption.

  • For PS4- Select settings on your home screen; go to System Settings > Storage > System Storage > Saved data > look for Minecraft; it will display two-game files which you need to delete; after deleting the files, restart your game; and hopefully, all the corrupted files will be gone and error will be resolved.
  • For Xbox: select Games and Apps on the home screen and go to Games from the menu; open Manage Game using the menu button on your controller after navigating to Minecraft; now delete the two files that you see and follow the instructions displayed on your screen; now restart your game; and hopefully, all the corrupted files of your game will be gone and error will be resolved.
  • For Nintendo Switch- Go to the game’s menu and select settings; a new screen will pop up upon which you have to select Data Management; click on the Saved Data option and then, select Delete Saved Data; your game’s data on the device will be deleted and you will be good to go and start fresh.

Even if you are on other devices, all you need to do is delete the game files by going to Settings and Data Management or Storage option accordingly.

Method 3- Settle down the cross-play issue

If you are using the cross-play option on your Xbox or Play Station, you can look at the following guide to set up your device for a cross-play game.

On Play Station4:

  • Make sure you have downloaded the Minecraft game from the official Play Station game store. Also, buy the paid version of the game because the remote feature cannot be accessed through the unpaid version.
  • Always save the code required for the remote play feature. You can first try to use this feature on your mobile or laptop.
  • Only use the Microsoft account to log in.
  • You can go to the remotely connected website to solve this issue.

On Xbox:

  • To get a remote play code, visit the website on your browser. Make sure you are logged in with your Microsoft account on this site. Upon visiting this website, you will get your remote play code.
  • Luckily, Xbox devices come in primed for Minecraft cross-play with other systems or devices.

On Nintendo Switch:

  • Redownload Minecraft from Nintendo e-Shop and open it.
  • Select sign in for free when prompted to sign in to your Microsoft Account.
  • Navigate to on your PC or mobile, and a unique code will be displayed on your screen.
  • Enter this unique code on your Nintendo screen.
  • After successfully signing in to your account, you will be able to play Minecraft easily without any login error.

To fix the error completely, if it has occurred due to the cross-play feature, you must set up your device or game once again for the cross-play feature to work.

What does Microsoft say?

Upon various requests from users regarding fixing this error, Microsoft asks you to first try logging in through your Microsoft account on another device.

See if the error message persists and if not then try reaching Mojang Support or the customer service of your particular device.

Final Words:

It is normal for errors to persist on gaming consoles or on some particular games. And most of the time you will easily find the fixes to all these errors.

But it is important for you to understand the reason behind the error, particularly on your device. It helps you to find a better solution for the error.

In this article, we have mentioned the possible reasons behind the error that occurs in Minecraft along with the effective solutions to eradicate this error completely.

You must remember that the methods may be slightly different for different devices but the motive will remain the same.

Do let us know in the comment section below which of these methods helped you in fixing the login error in Minecraft and also if you know any other effective way out.

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