FaceTime for Android: How to Use Facetime on non-iOS device

FaceTime is one of the most famous video calling apps but unfortunately, it is available for Apple devices only.

Although this is not the only video calling app out there but the features and quality FaceTime offers, make it the best video calling app.

In this article, we will learn if we can get FaceTime for Android and what are the alternative apps for the same in case we can’t.

Before getting to know if we can FaceTime for Android, let’s get to know a bit about video calling apps in general.

What are Video Calling apps?

Today, the smartphone is doing lots of jobs apart from being a mere instrument to make regular calls.

It is being used for checking emails, taking photographs, browsing the internet, etc.

While the demand for smartphones has grown, the developers of mobile apps are coming up with different kind of apps that helps us perform tasks efficiently.

If we particularly talk about video calling apps, they have revolutionized the way how we communicate with the people staying away from us.

Video calling apps are small applications developed for smartphones to make unlimited free calls using the internet and the front-facing camera of your device (smartphone or tablet).

FaceTime for Android

Since video calling apps require an internet connection, it is always suggested that before making calls, make sure you have an unlimited data plan or you are connected with an unlimited Wi-Fi connection.

The video calls result in heavy usage of internet bandwidth, hence it becomes important that we have an unlimited internet data plan activated.

Moreover, the internet connection should be reliable too otherwise you will face issues like call drop or bad video quality.

You can not blame any app for bad video or voice quality if you don’t have a reliable internet connection since all these apps are totally dependable on the internet.

There are plenty of apps available to make video calls such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber, ooVoo, Skype, etc which you can download for iOS, Android, and Windows-based smartphones for free.

Can we get FaceTime for Android?

Among the video calling apps, I’d say FaceTime is one of the best calling apps but unfortunately, it is available for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac only since Apple’s apps and specially developed to support Apple devices only.

Though we can get FaceTime for Windows with a tweak (workaround) there seems to be no way to get FaceTime for Android.

Since its Apple devices exclusive apps that run its own operating system (iOS and Mac OSX), it is just impossible to get CaceTime for Android devices.

However, thankfully, there is plenty of alternatives to FaceTime for Android device users.

So if you are an Android smartphone user and want to use FaceTime for Android which is not possible, try the alternatives listed below.

Top 5 Alternatives of FaceTime-

Don’t get disheartened if you are an Android smartphone user and wanted to use FaceTime.

There is plenty of alternatives that are equally good and free to download.

I’ve compiled a list of the best FaceTime alternatives that you can consider downloading on your Android device.

Let’s check out the list.

IMO – Download for Android

IMO is the best FaceTime alternative for Android device users as it offers almost the same video quality as Facetime and has almost the same features.

You just have signed up for an account with your phone number and you are ready to use it the very next second.


After signing up, it automatically finds friends from your phone contacts who are using imo app on their smartphone.

This Free video calling app will give you the same experience as if you have got FaceTime for Android.

The quality of the video is pretty good even when you make a group call with more than one friend at a time.

The app has been downloaded by several million people across the world and the number of downloads is growing regularly.

It works pretty well with a 2G internet connection as well. So if you are worried that you are a 2G internet user and if the quality wouldn’t be much good, you are mistaken.

Apart from 2G, it works well with 3G, and 4G internet connections without any problem (of course, when it works with 2G, it will work for 3G and 4G as well since they are faster than 2G).

FaceTime for Android is not available but we have alternatives like imo that offer even more features.

Features at a glance:

  • Make unlimited video calls for FREE
  • Send unlimited messages for FREE
  • Group video chat/ call with your friends and family members
  • Hundreds of stickers to choose from for Free
  • Automatically detects who is using imo from your phone contacts
  • The very light app is easy to use, and simple user interface.
  • Encrypted Video calls as well as messages

Apart from making Free unlimited video calls, you can chat with your friends as well and make chat more entertaining by using hundreds of stickers.

The app is optimized for Android tablets.

The Chats, as well as video calls, are encrypted to maintain the privacy of the users.

ooVoo – Download for Android

I feel ooVoo is yet another great Video calling app that has lots of other features that you wouldn’t find in the FaceTime video calling app.

ooVoo is more of a social app where you can create content for the community.

It allows you to make unlimited FREE video calls to your friends living in your city or any other part of the world.

ooVoo app

The video quality is pretty impressive as it works with 3G, 4G, LTE, and Wi-Fi internet connections.

It also allows you to make group video calls with your friends and family members for Free.

Apart from that you can record the video, and edit it before sending it to your friends or family members.

The signup process is flexible, you can register for an account either using the phone number or through e-mail.

It takes hardly one minute to sign up and you are ready to go.

Since it’s more of a social media app, you can share content such as videos, photos, and text with the chains you like the most. Also, you can see top trending chains.

Feature at a Glance:

  • Make unlimited free video calls to your friends or family member living anywhere in the world for Free
  • Send unlimited text messages for free
  • Send unlimited Voice messages for free
  • Make group video calls to 8 members at once
  • Capture the video, edit it, and send it to your friends or the chains
  • Better video quality as it works with networks like LTE, 4G, etc.
  • Register an account with a mobile number or e-mail account.
  • Interesting and easy user interface.

Apart from making video calls, you can send unlimited text messages and voice messages to your friends without incurring any charges.

Imagine if your friend is staying in another country, how much money you will have to spend to speak to him on account of making international calls.

Mind you those huge charges are for normal phone calls and not video calls.

LINE – Download for Android

LINE is one of the oldest messaging and video calling apps with plenty of features that you would hardly find in any other video calling app.

In addition to unlimited free video calls, LINE allows you to make voice calls as well with ease.


It is a pretty simple and lightweight app with a long list of stuff you can do with it.

Make unlimited international video calls without having to pay any money to anyone (internet charges apply).

It allows you to make group calls with up to 200 members at a time which is much more as compared to similar apps.

Not just voice calls, you can make group video calls with the members.

While making calls you can use filters and stickers to make your video call more entertaining.

The other interesting feature of LINE is Polling. You can get friends to an opinion about something with the polls option.

Features at a Glance:

  • Make unlimited free video/ voice calls
  • Send unlimited free messages to your friend and family.
  • Make group calls with up to 200 people.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Nice green color with an interesting user interface
  • Auto-detect connections from your phone’s contacts
  • Ask for friends’ opinions with polls
  • Use LINE on your mobile phone or Desktop (without updated conversations).

Tango – Download for Android

Tango went a step ahead and allows you to live broadcast video to your friends from just anywhere on the earth provided you are connected with an internet connection.

Tango is one of the best and oldest video-calling apps that has great quality and is loved by millions of people from around the world.

Tango app

You can make unlimited video/ voice calls to anyone for free irrespective of their location.

Whether this person is staying in the same city as you or any other part of the world, call them for free and get to know the news this person has got.

Send unlimited text and audio messages to your loved ones and use stickers for free to make the interaction more interesting.

The Tango app is optimized for smartphones as well as tablets for the best performance.

Create a group and invite them to make a group call, or play a game while being on the call.

The Tango app is downloaded by over 350 million users worldwide (at the time of writing this post) and a number of users are being added each day.

Features at a Glance:

  • Make unlimited Free Video/ voice calls
  • Send unlimited text messages for Free.
  • Organize a Group call.
  • Play the game while on the call
  • Live broadcast yourself.
  • Easy to download and use.
  • Best video call quality.
  • Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Use filters and Stickers while making calls and sending text messages.
  • Loved by more than 350 million users.

Viber – Download for Android

Viber is one of the oldest apps that allows us to make unlimited Video and Voice calls just like other apps discussed above.

It let you make a group of about 250 people and exchange messages with each other.

Viber App

Viber being the oldest video calling app continuously working hard to make video quality better and has succeeded to much extent.

It is allowing us to make calls well before the instant messaging giant WhatsApp introduced this feature a few years back.

Viber has been downloaded by millions of people who are enjoying this app for making calls to their loved ones who don’t stay with them.

The video calls and the text messages sent through Viber are encrypted for users’ privacy.

One of the best features of Viber is, you can delete the messages even after delivery.

They call it “damage control”. WhatsApp introduced this feature a while back.

Features at a Glance:

  • Join millions of users worldwide.
  • Unlimited free video/ voice calls – domestic as well as international.
  • HD video and voice quality.
  • Send/receive unlimited text messages.
  • Use filters & stickers for video calls and emojis for text messages.
  • Create a group with 250 people and interact with them.
  • Delete messages even after they are delivered.
  • Easy to install and has a great user interface.
  • Encrypted calls as well as messages.

More similar apps:

Wrapping up

Although FaceTime is one the best video calling apps but FaceTime for Android is not available that leaves Android users no choice than opting for alternatives.

FaceTime is developed to support iOS devices and Mac.

There is no workaround to get FaceTime for Android as well like we have t get for FaceTime for Windows.

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