How to Fix Gmail server error 007

Are you trying to send an urgent e-mail through your Gmail account but every time you try to do so it gives Gmail server error 007 error?

Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent”  to be exact?

Are you facing this problem once in a while or often?

Or are you simply wondering what is Gmail server error 007? that your friend or a family member spoke about, with you?

If this is so, this article will help you fix this error. It is irritating and could be really frustrating, specially at the time or urgency.

Imagine someone is waiting for your e-mail and you are unable to send the e-mail. Your Gmail keeps returning Gmail server error 007, how frustrating it will be.

Don’t worry it doesn’t have to do anything with James Bond. Nobody is spying on your Gmail account.

There are a few stuff that could cause this error. If you follow the methods that I’ve discussed in this post, you’ll be able to fix Gmail Server error 007 in a matter of a few minutes. You don’t require to have any specific technical knowledge to resolve the problem.

Gmail server error #007

What happens when Gmail server error 007 occurs?

This error is commonly seen nowadays and it can be fixed quickly. Gmail is one of the most popular and secured e-mail services owned by Google.

The company is known for the super-advanced technology that they implement in their products.

While Google works hard to improve user experience and offer high security to protect users’ private information, sometimes attempting to protect users’ information with critical technology becomes the cause of the non-functioning of a certain feature of the product/service like “Google server error 007” issue of services.

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Talking about what exactly happens when Gmail server error 007 occurs, it freezes the entire browser and you aren’t able to click anywhere.

You just aren’t able to perform any action and the ultimate resort is to restart the browser.

It is annoying when you have drafted the whole e-mail and you were just a click away from your message being sent and this error popup.

You can restart the browser but not every time if it starts to occur often.  If it is happening several times, try our solution given in this article.

What Causes this error?

There are several things that cause this error. It can happen because of different reasons for different people.

But in most cases, it’s Google Lab features that are responsible for this error.

This error may occur due to browser cookies and is frequently seen with the Firefox browser for some users while the others may see it due to their Anti-virus signature as reported.

Google Server Error 007 isn’t a big error and it can also happen because of the extension you have probably installed on your browser or due to an updated browser.

Fix Google Server error 007

Don’t be afraid, assuming you’ll have to perform a lot of technical tasks. No, you’ll not have to! I’ve simplified the methods by breaking them into a step-by-step process.

Just follow the instructions, and you’ll be able to fix Google error 007 on your own.

Clear Browser Cookies and Restart Browser once

The very first method that you can try is to clear the cache and cookies of the browser.

Whether you are using Firefox, Chrome, or any other browser, every browser stores cookies, and clearing cookies may resolve the error.

How to clear browser cookies and the cache in Chrome is explained by Google itself in its help center forums. Here is how to go about this method.

Step:1– Open the chrome browser and click three dots on the top right corner.

Step:2– Go to settings.

Step:3-Scroll down and click “Advanced”. It will further expand the page with more settings.

Delete Cache and Cookies

Step:4– Click “Clear browsing data” it includes everything like Cache, cookies, browser history, etc. You can choose to clear things based on your preference. But Cookies & the Cache are a must!

clear browing data

Step:5– Hit the blue “Clear Data” button and it will clear cookies & the cache (and other things you have chosen).

Step:6– Restart the browser and test if Google server error 007 has been resolved.

Try disabling the extension

It requires a bit of an active approach. Why because you need to recall if you start to face Gmail error #007 after installation of any extension.

Yes, some of the extensions clash with the browser’s architect that causing this error to occur. If you don’t remember, you’ll give it a try by disabling the extensions one by one (if you have many).

If you don’t have any extension installed, then this method isn’t valid for you. Try the next solution.

Here is how to do it.

Step:1– Open the chrome browser and click the three dots on the top right corner of the browser.

Step:2– Go to More Tools and then to Extensions.

remove extensions

Step:3– It will populate all the extensions that you’ve currently installed (both active and non-active).

Step:4– Our aim is to check the active extensions only. You shouldn’t care about those who aren’t active.

Try disabling the first one, restart your browser and check if it has resolved the problem. If it didn’t, disable the other one and check again. Repeat the process for all extensions.

In the end, check if it has resolved the problem.

We do not have to completely remove the extensions, disabling them will serve the purpose and once you get to know which extension (if any causing) causing this error, you can choose to remove it.

Check for browser update

If you are using Google Chrome, Google takes care to keep the browser updated to the latest version automatically when available.

It prompts you for updating to the latest version of Chrome that the browser does its own.

If you are using some other browser and the developer doesn’t update it automatically, make sure to check it has the latest version installed.

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Why do you need to update for the latest version, sometimes using the outdated extensions with the latest version of the browser causes this problem to occur?

Do the browsers and extensions go hand-in-hand? and if the browser has got a new update and the developer has used new technology, the extensions have to be updated as well.

Check for Malware, Adware, or Browser hijackers

This is yet another most common reason for Google server error #007. During the day, we open a lot of websites as we search for many things on the internet.

While some of the websites such as governments, institutions, Bank’s websites are least likely to have malware, the other unknown websites have malware/adware activated on them.

When you browse those websites, it automatically installs the Malware/Adware/browser Hijacker on your PC browser.

You don’t really get to know about it anytime soon unless you notice strange activity like slowing down of browser, browser crash, or error like Google error 007.

Precaution is better than cure! You should avoid accessing these websites. Anyways, such websites aren’t easily recognizable, so I wouldn’t blame anyone. It just happens in a natural way.

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Let’s see how to check if there is any malware installed on the browser.

The easiest and most convenient way is to open the Anti-virus and run a PC Scan. If there is any malware or any suspicious program is installed, the anti-virus will catch it. You can then remove that program from your PC.

Apart from this, you’ll notice that your browser frequently stops responding or gets dead slow.

See if you have any suspicious extensions or if a shortcut to any website is added in the browser. If you see these kinds of activities, your browser might have malware/adware installed.

Apart from removing it with the help of Anti-virus. You can go to the control panel >Programs>Programs & Features and see if there is any suspicious program in the list. If you do, remove it.

All these things are done, restart the browser for the final time, and see if you still see Gmail 007 error.

Disable Google Lab’s “Background Send” – Sucess rate 95%

If none of the above solutions works for you, it’s time to head over to the final solution that will surely resolve Gmail #007 error.

The success rate of this method to resolve the error is above 95% so instead of trying all the above methods, you can give this method a try in the first place itself.

Here is how to do it.

Step:1– Open the browser and log in to your Gmail account using Username and Password.

Step:2- Click the Gear icon on the top of the e-mails and then Settings.

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 3.45.59 PM

Step:3– Go to Lab and start typing “Background….. ” the Background Send option will appear.

Step:4– Disable Background Send.

Step:5– Sign out, close the browser, and sign in again.

You must most likely have resolved the problem.

What is the drawback of disabling Background Send?

The Background Send option is quite useful as it allows you to check out other things like checking other e-mails just after hitting the e-mail “Send” button.

The process will keep running in the background as you check out your next e-mail or add contacts to your list or rearrange your e-mail box.

It saves your time but not too much. It takes hardly a few seconds for the mail to leave your outbox.

In case the Background Send is disabled (which I recommend doing to resolve Gmail #007 error), You’ll have to wait (hardly 2 or 3 seconds) before you move away from the page.

Wrapping up

I hope the solutions I’ve given in this post resolve the Google server error #007 issue.

Although there could be many reasons for the same in most cases it’s Google Lab that causes this problem.

As a final solution, we can head over to Lab and disable the “Background Send” option. It will 95% resolve the problem. Although there are other methods as well which are worth trying.

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