How to Change your name on Facebook without being blocked

How to Change your name on Facebook

Bookmark this post if you are looking for the complete guide on how to change your name on Facebook without being blocked. This post explains the process in few simple steps with real screenshots so that the readers could understand in a better way.

By now, major chunk of world’s population have Facebook profile which they use to get into touch with their friends and loved ones living at different part of the world.

Facebook has become an integral part of everyone life and its not like you once created Facebook profile and keep it like that as long as you use Facebook. You keep on updating your Facebook profile regularly. For example you update your Facebook profile if you’ve started to work for some company after graduating from the collage, the relationship status, new collage or university you’ve joined etc.

Why would I Change my name on Facebook?

While you keep on updating our Facebook profile time to time, sometimes you need to change your name as well. The reason of changing your name on Facebook could be anything. For example you have gotten married and want to update surname or probably you have changed your name legally and want to update the same on Facebook as well.

Sometime, it happens that when you had created your Facebook profile you were kid and used your nickname only and now want to update full formal name or vice versa.

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So the reasons of changing name could be anything and you are allowed to do that as long as you don’t violate Facebook’s terms and conditions. If you change your name to something that doesn’t follow Facebook’s guidelines, it may lead to termination or blocking of your Facebook account.

How to Change your name on Facebook

So irrespective of the reason, if you are searching for tutorial about how to change your name on Facebook, follow below steps. It’s a pretty simple method and the way we have explained it, makes this task super simple. let’s go ahead and check out.

This process can become even simpler if you have ever done stuff like applying a privacy settings, allowing /disallowing people to send you friend requests etc.

We need to go to profile settings to change name, so In case  you have done such things like applying privacy settings before, you must be knowing how to go to profile settings. If you haven’t, don’t worry I’ll walk you through.

  1. Go to the small downward arrow on the top right corner of your Facebook profile as shown in below screenshot. When you click this small arrow, you can see stuff like the pages/groups you have created and the other things. Go to settings.How to change your name on Facebook
  2. Once you click Settings, it will take you to next page where you can see Name, Username, Contact email etc. We need not to touch anything except “Name”. Click “Edit” in front of “Name”.Facebook Settings
  3. Now you can enter First, Middle, Last name of your choice. There are certain guidelines laid by Facebook and we need to chose name following these guidelines. I’d advise you to go through FAQ section on Facebook.Facebook Profile name change
  4. Once you enter the name that follow Facebook guidelines, click “Review Change” button. Make sure to enter the name you really want to use because once the changes are saved, you wouldn’t be able to change it again before 60 days.
  5. Next, it will ask you to enter the password for security reasons. Chose the name you want to use, enter the password and hit “Save Change”. Congratulations, you’ve change your name on Facebook. Confirm Facebook name change

Extra tips on how to change your name on Facebook

If you want to add another name you are known with, you can do that as well. Or if you want to add nickname, it can be done too.

In step no. 4, just above “Review Change” button, there is a link called “Add Other Names”. Click this link and you will be taken to the next page where you can enter Nickname from.

From the “Name Type” drop down menu, select “NickName”, enter your preferred nick name, tick checkbox that says “Show at top of Profile” (if you want, its not Mandatory) and hit blue “Save Changes” button.

Now you will see your nickname in brackets next to Facebook profile name. For example if your Facebook profile name is “Michael Smith” and nickname is “Mike”, your name on the Facebook profile will look like “Michael Smith (Mike)”

update nickname


General rules for changing your name on Facebook

Facebook offers flexibility for changing your name but there are certain rules that you must have to follow. Its always better to go through the FAQ section to understand the whole terms and conditions, though below are some general rules about selection of names:

  • You can not use Punctuation, Symbol, Repeated Characters (looks spammy) and Numbers.
  • You aren’t allowed to use any Word or Phrase in place of your name.
  • You aren’t allowed to use characters from multiple languages.
  • You can’t use any offensive word in anyways

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