How to Download Periscope for PC (Windows 10)

Download Periscope for PC (Windows 10)

Periscope has created a huge buzz all over the world. This app has not been around for a very long time as many other apps yet the number of downloads on the app store is quite impressive.

The app is primarily created for mobile platforms only however with the tricks that I’ve shared below, you can get Periscope for PC as well.

Our trick will work for all Windows versions such as Windows 10. Yes, this trick will work for Mac as well.

The out trick of downloading Periscope for PC is so simple that you need not seek any help from others. Just follow the instructions given in this article and you will be able to download Periscope without hassle.

If you download Periscope for PC, it will be convenient to use. You can watch streamers’ videos on a bigger screen, you can telecast your video with a laptop camera.

The physical keyboard when you use periscope on PC helps you type comments faster and accurately. Moreover, a PC mouse helps you tap anywhere within the app conveniently.

What is Perioscope

While many people from around the world enjoying the periscope app already, many others don’t have clue about it. For those who haven’t heard about it before, Periscope is a live video streaming app that was first launched in 2015 and later bought by Twitter.

It has been around for just 2 years (at the time of writing this article) but it has been downloaded several million times combined through all app stores. It is available for Android and iOS at the moment.

The number of users is growing day by day. This is a great choice for travelers who like to visit different places and live to stream their videos to friends.

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It sends notification to all the followers (Periscope followers) whenever anyone goes live. The followers then can interact by posting comments and super heart etc.

Also with Facebook and Twitter API integration, you can share video on Twitter as well as on Facebook. In all Periscope is a great app to live stream videos or watch other’s videos who are broadcasting. You can make friends from around the world, chat with them, follow them and interact. Its a great place to virtually hangout with people.

Features at Glance:

There are plenty of features of Periscope app and its a great fun to have it installed on mobile devices.

This small app is much popular among travelers alot or those who like streaming videos. Take a look at some of the interesting features of Periscope app:

  • Broadcast your video with your Smartphone or Tablet or PC (once you install it on PC).
  • Decide who all you want to let watch your live streaming – Everyone or a Group of people
  • Log on to social channels such as Facebook and Twitter to find friends and add them on Periscope.
  • Go live, let everyone or followers watch your video, let them interact by posting comments or super heart.
  • Turn precise location on in order to be found on Google Map.
  • Watch other’s live streaming videos. There are a huge number of live streamers
  • Get to know how many people watching a particular live streaming video.
  • Chat with the live streamer when you watch its video, send super heart.
  • Help the moderator to moderate vulgar comments posted on anyone’s live streaming videos
  • Go to Google earth and spot the live streamers and watch their videos.
  • Follow celebrities, News Channels, etc from a list of featured users or trending users.
  • Let the followers or everyone replay your video in case they miss watching your live streaming. That’s the best feature of the Periscope app that Instagram lacks. You can not replay Instagram’s live video once the user goes offline.

How to get Periscope for PC (Window 10)

Although Periscope is a mobile app and its desktop version is not available at the moment. Neither there is any sign when the desktop version will be released.

Don’t worry, let’s leave it to the developers, and irrespective of the fact whether they want to release a desktop version or no, with our tweak you can download Periscope for PC and use it right away!

Let’s great straight to the method to find out how.

Prerequisite of getting Periscope for PC:

Your PC or Mac must have following specification:

  • Laptop/Desktop with Windows 10.
  • RAM- 2 GB minimum,  4 GB recommended.
  • Processor – Intel Core 2 duo minimum, Intel core i3 recommended.
  • Disk Space – At least 2 GB free space.
  • Reliable internet connection.

So the catch here is, we will be installing an Android emulator on the PC and then download Periscope on PC. There is a number of android emulators available on the internet but we recommend either Nox Player or BlueStacks.

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We will be using BlueStacks in this article however, you can use Nox player as well, there is no special reason as to why we have chosen BlueStacks. Let’s begin.

This guide is divided in two parts:

  1. Installation of Android emulator – BlueStacks
  2. Download and install of Periscope app – From Google Play or Manual installation.

1) Installation of Android emulator – BlueStacks

  1. Open Google Chrome and search for BlueStacks emulator. Lazy to do that? Click here
  2. Click the green “Download” button to download BlueStacks.
  3. Let the download process get completed.
  4. Double click the BlueStacks setup file and installation will begin.
  5. Follow on-screen instructions which are pretty straightforward. You need to sign in with your existing account or create a new one and in the next few steps, you will have to set a preference before the installation gets completed. You will see the BlueStacks shortcut on the home page once everyone is done.

You have successfully downloaded and installed BlueStacks on PC. Let’s move to the second step.

1) Installation of Perioscope – via Google Play or Manual.

There are two ways you can install Periscope for PC. One is to head over to Google Play and download and another one is to download apk file and install it manually. Let’s take both of them separately.

Via Google Play:

Open bluestacks.

Type “Periscope” and you will see the periscope app in the search results.

Periscope for PC

Tap the “Install” button and the installation will begin.

Periscope download

Allow the installation process to get completed and you will see the Periscope shortcut on the home page. That’s all !

Manual installation:

  1. Open Google Chrome on your PC and search for periscope APK. Alternatively Click here to download. Chose the latest version.
  2. Once APK file is downloaded, double click it to start installation process.
  3. Allow installation to get completed.
  4. Once installed, a shortcut to Perioscope app will appear on the desktop. that’s all !

How to use Perioscope on PC:

The app is pretty easy to use as everything is self explanatory. Unlike other similar app, every control of Perioscope app is pretty much easy to understand and use. To live stream your video do the following:

  1. Open Periscope on your PC. Make sure the webcam is attached and working fine. Login to Periscope. Either create a new account or log on with the existing one. You can sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts as well.
  2. Tap the “Go Live” button on the bottom right corner and the webcam will get turned on and live streaming will be started.
  3. Type any messages for the people watching your live video. You can choose who you want to allow to watch your live video. That’s all.

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