How to get Snapchat for iPad

Do you want to share pictures or videos (generally called snaps) from your iPad to your Snapchat friends but can not since you don’t have it on iPad because of its being a Phone-only app?

Are you every time transferring pictures from your iPad to your iPhone when you have to send any that you have clicked on your iPad?

Or have you been trying to get Snapchat for iPad but always end up finding no way to get it?

Don’t get disheartened, I’ll show you how to get Snapchat for iPad in a few simple steps and once you know all these steps, you may be surprised that it was super easy. Yes, it is that dead simple task.

Don’t bother thinking too much that Snapchat is a Phone-only app and cannot be downloaded on your iPad. There is a way to get it and I’ll show. Keep reading.

Snapchat for iPad

Why Snapchat?

Well, since you are reading this article, there are chances that you know what Snapchat is all about however, a number of people are still trying to understand this app. So let’s get started with a brief introduction to Snapchat.

Snapchat is the world’s most famous image and multimedia massaging mobile app started back in 2011 by a young guy and today it has become the #1 choice for people in the United States and around the world.

The beautiful app which is available for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms have several million downloads on these platform in spite of the fact that Snapchat is available only for Phones, not iPad (or tablets).

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Nowadays, the selfie fever is at its peak and people are so crazy about taking selfies whenever they go out for a party, or on a vacation to dangerous hilly areas.

They love to share these pictures with their friends and family members to let them know they had great fun.

Snapchat is an app where you can send photos and short videos to your Snapchat contacts from your smartphone?

The best part is, the picture you send to your Snapchat contact gets disappeared within 10 seconds.

Before you send photos or videos to your Snapchat contacts, you can add doodles or captions.

Moreover, you can add these photos or videos to your stories that can be broadcasted to the whole world or to those who follow you on Snapchat. This story remains for 24 hours and then get disappeared.

How to get Snapchat for iPad

I will divide the process into two different methods and you can choose one that best suits you.

Although both the methods are super easy and you can choose any of these.

Method:1 If you are using Snapchat on your iPhone and want to sync with your iPad

This method is really simple that will help you get Snapchat for iPad in a few simple steps.

You are good to go with this method if you have Snapchat already installed on your iPhone and you want to sync it with your iPad as well.

This way you will not require transferring the snaps from your iPad to your iPhone each time you want to share them with your friends. Take a look:

Step:1 – Pick up your iPad and head over to the App Store which lists all the apps.

Step:2 – Tap on “Purchased” and it will populate all those apps which you have downloaded previously from this app store account.

Step:3 – Since you have opened the app store from iPad, it recognizes the devices and by default shows the app which is available for iPad only. Look for the button at the top right corner which says “IPad Only”.

Step:4 – Tap the “iPad Only” button and change it to “iPhone apps”. It will list all the apps which you have downloaded on your iPhone so far including those which you have uninstalled after keeping it on your iPhone for some time.

Step:5 – Scroll down and you will see Snapchat on the list. Tap the Snapchat app and it will download it on your iPad.

Wasn’t it easy?

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Method:2 If you are NOT using Snapchat on your iPhone.

This method is good for those who aren’t using Snapchat on iPhones and directly want to install it on their iPad. You will be needing an app ID to log in to your App Store, so keep it handy before you follow this tutorial.

Step:1– Again, pick up your iPad and head over to the App Store.

Step:2– Tap “Featured” at the bottom. This is important that you tap featured otherwise this method wouldn’t work.

Step:3– Write “Snapchat” in the search bar and let the results show up. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t see Snapchat on the list. You will not see Snapchat in search results because the search result shows iPad-only apps.

Step:4– Change “iPad only” to “iPhone apps” and the list that pops up now must have the Snapchat app listed.

Step:5– Tap on the Snapchat app and it will download Snapchat for iPad.

Congratulations, you’ve installed Snapchat for iPad directly.

Snapchat on iPad

Snapchat Features

Take a look at the features of Snapchat and what you will be enjoying after you get it.

  • Free to download.
  • You can Click photos (called snaps) and send them to your contacts.
  • Click snaps with the front or rear camera and share with your friends.
  • Add a doodle or caption before you send snaps to your friends.
  • Snaps get disappeared within 10 seconds after they get viewed
  • Broadcast your snap to all or to the followers
  • Reply to snaps you have received from your friends by a text message.
  • View snaps from ESPN, Comedy Central, or other channels with the Discover Snap option.
  • Works perfectly with iOS 5 to the latest version.

When is Snapchat coming to iPad exclusively?

This beautiful app isn’t available for iPad, it was just a trick that we can follow to get Snapchat for iPad.

It surprises me that the app which is so popular across the world has no iPad version and there is no sign of it either.

Snapchat is among the world’s fastest-growing companies and has a target of 25 billion valuations.

Although we hear a lot about the features that are being incorporated in due course nothing has ever been said about making it available for iPad.

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It remains in the interest of the company whether they want to make an iPad-compatible version or not.

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