How to use Kodi on Roku without Jailbreaking

How to use Kodi on Roku

Kodi is an open-source application that can be installed on your device and stream TV shows and movies with the help of available add-ons.

There are plenty of channels you can watch on Kodi with Kodi add-ons. This post will help you use Kodi on Roku using the method that we have discussed in this article.

While Kodi allows you to stream TV shows and videos, in some country it is illegal and your ISP may limit your internet connection for doing so.

Since streaming content in some countries could be illegal, there is no way to get it on devices such as iOS, Amazon Fire, FireStick, Android TV’s, etc.

In case you want to get Kodi on iOS devices, you will have to jailbreak your device but this isn’t the case with Roku. There is a great workaround that can let you watch content on the big screen.

With the Screen mirror option, you can stream Kodi from your device (Android or Windows) on a big-screen television.

You need not install Kodi on Roku.  The iOS users may get disappointed as this option is not available for them.

Here is how you can do it.

How to get Kodi on Roku worked

Lets without wasting more time getting straight to the process of getting Kodi on Roku worked.

This workaround neither requires any third-party application or software nor any technical knowledge. Just follow the stepwise instructions given below and you are good to go.

This great application comes FREE, so you need not worry about money.

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We will be guiding to get Kodi on Roku with Android and Windows devices, iOS users wouldn’t be able to follow this procedure. Here we go:

Note: Before we go ahead with the process, I’d like to point out that you need to connect ROKU and your device to the same Wi-Fi connection. The method wouldn’t work, if both these devices are either connected with different network or Bluetooth/ Wireless connection

1) Download & Install Kodi on your device (Windows or Android)

The very first step is to download and install Kodi on your device.

As I said above, this method is not applicable to iOS devices, so you must have either Windows or Android devices. Kodi is an open-source media player and plays almost every file format.

Kodi for Windows devices

Download Kodi for Windows devices here. There are two methods of getting Kodi on Windows devices.

  1. Windows App Store (recommended)-  The first method to get Kodi on windows is from the Windows App store. Chose the first option that says “Windows Store” if you want to head over to store and install Kodi on Windows device and follow on-screen instructions to install it.Kodi on Roku (windows)
  2. Download executable file (.exe) – If you don’t like the first method, download an executable file of Kodi from the other two options and install it manually by following on-screen instructions

Kodi for Android devices

Download Kodi for Android devices Here. Again it is not hard to install Kodi on Android. There are two ways of doing it.

  1. Google Play (Recommended)– If you want to download Kodi on Android from Google Play (recommended). Click here. Install the app just like many others you have done before. That’s a pretty straightforward method and easy. Kodi on Android
  2. Download apk – If you don’t want to download Kodi from Google Play or because of some reasons, you aren’t able to connect to Google Play, download the apk file from here and install it manually. To install any .apk manually, you must allow your device to install apps from other places than Google play by going to Phone settings.

2) Turn on mirror screening on Roku

Once you have Kodi installed on your Android or Windows device, its time to turn on mirror screening on Roku. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to settings on the Roku device.
  2. Then go to System
  3. There will be several options for different things, select “Screen mirroring” and then enable it. Leave it enabled on your Roku device.

3) Turn on mirror screening on your Android/Windows device

Once the screen mirroring option enabled on your Roku, its time to turn on this option on the Android / Windows device. Here is how you can do it:

For Windows:

I hope your windows device is using the same WiFi as it wouldn’t work with Bluetooth or wired internet connection. Follow below step to turn on screen mirroring on a Windows device:

  1. Go to Devices/ Control panel on your Windows device.
  2. Chose “Project” and then select “Add a Wireless Display
  3. The Roku device must show up next. Select Roku and you are good to go.
  4. Turn the Kodi app on and you are done!

NOTE: If you are on Windows 10, there is a much simpler way. Just go to “Action Center” and then “Connect”. Roku device will show up in the list, select Roku, and you are done.

For Android:

  1. Depending on your manufacturers, there will be different ways how the screen mirroring option can be accessed. Type your Android device name and the Model in Google search and see how to access settings. Once you know, go to settings.
  2. Look for a Screen mirroring option that could be called differently depending on your device.
  3. Select screen mirroring and you are ready to use Kodi on Roku!

You are all set to use Kodi on Roku without jailbreaking Roku. Kodi is an amazing C/C++ application that is not supported on Roku.

Hence, in case we want to use Kodi on Roku, we must have to follow the workaround that I’ve discussed above.

Kodi is so great that it plays almost every file format you name.  On top of that, the Kodi add-ons make it even a powerful media player.

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