How to get iMessage for Windows PC

iMessage for Windows PC {stepwise tutorial}

iMessage is Apple OSX. iOS app that you can use on Macbook or iPhone/iPad/iPod and if you want to download it for Windows PC, it is not possible in general since its windows version is not available. However, with our work-around, you can get iMessage for Windows PC as well.

Yes, you can use iMessage on Windows PC by using any of these two methods that we have discussed below.

Before we go ahead to get iMessage for Windows PC, let’s take a look at some interesting features of iMessage:

  • Send unlimited Free Messages to the people who are on iMessages. In case the person is not on iMessage it will go as SMS or MMS.
  • Send Messages to either one person or a group of people.
  • Create a Group on iMessage and discuss stuff together.
  • Send Photos, Audio, and Videos to the iMessage members.
  • Use stickers to add more fun to your messages.
  • Send personalize messages with bubbles or as a handwritten note.
  • Create your own sketch, or add from the available one and send it.
  • Add sketch such as kiss, heart, to photos before iMessage them.
  • Chose and send emojis to add more fun to your conversation.

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How to Download iMessage for Windows PC

There are two methods. In one method we will be downloading iMessage for Windows PC and in other methods, we will use Google remote desktop extension.

For the latter, we will be needing a Mac to use iMessage on Windows PC. I’ve no idea why would anyone use iMessage for Windows PC if he/she has Mac that iMessage can pretty well work on.

I am not going into detail as to why anyone would download or use iMessage on Windows PC and share two different methods.

Let’s begin!


Method:1- Download iMessage for Windows PC with iPadian

We will create an environment required to run Mac apps on Windows PC. To do that, we will be needing a tool like iPadian. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Windows PC and open Google Chrome (or your favorite browser).
  2. Search on Google “iPadian” and download iPadian on Windows PC. Click here if you are lazy to search.
  3. Once, iPadian is downloaded, Double click iPadian .exe file and install it.
  4. Once installed, iPadian shortcut will appear on the desktop. Click a shortcut to start the iPadian.
  5. Go to search and type “iMessage” and the app will appear in the search results.
  6. Click to install iMessage. That’s all!

You can now use iMessage on Windows PC.

Method:2- Use iMessage on Windows PC with Google Remote Desktop:

Get on Windows PC and download Google Chrome first if you don’t have this browser installed on your PC.  Click here to Download Google Chrome. Skip and move on to the next step if you have Google Chrome installed already.

Now install the Google Remote Desktop extension.  Click the blue “ADD TO CHROME” button to install.

iMessage on Windows PC

Once the extension is installed, it automatically takes you to a new tab. Click the Google Remote Desktop shortcut and a new window will open as shown below. Click “Get Started” under the Remote Assistant section.

iMessage for Windows

It will then ask “Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer” Click to download Host Installer. The green “Share” button will be highlighted once the Host installer is installed.

Start Screenshare

Now go to Mac and follow the same procedure to download Google Remote Desktop.

Get back to Windows PC and hit the “Share button” (see above image) and a 12 digit numeric code will be generated as below:

Remote Desktop access

Now to go Mac and click “Access” and enter this 12 digit code. It will show “waiting for connection” until the connection between both Mac and Windows PC is established. Once you enter the code, you will have access to iMessage on Windows PC from Mac.

That’s all!

You can choose any of these methods but to use the second one you must have a Mac device too!

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