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Snapchat Saver apps – Save Snapchats without letting Sender know

Are you looking for the Snapchat Saver? something that could save the Snapchats without letting the sender know? If you are, then go through the list of apps that I’ve listed below.

These are the mobile apps that are available for Android as well as iOS devices to save Snapchats without giving any hint to the sender.

Everyone likes Snapchat because of its simple user interface yet attractive, specially teen. It registered a tremendous grown in the last few years in terms of no. of users who have downloaded Snapchat and using it on a daily basis.

While Snapchat is one of the most popular photo/video sharing apps in the world with lots of interesting features but the feature that automatically deletes snaps within few seconds may disappoint some users. Don’t worry, I’ve the solution, keep reading!

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Snapchat Saver-

Although we can take a screenshot of the Snaps but it sends a notification to the sender for the same.

It could be irritating at times and you just wish there was any Snapchat saver that could save the Snaps sent to you without letting the senders know.

Though there is no built-in feature or way to save the Snap from Snapchat itself but there are certain Android and iOS apps which can work as a Snapchat saver and let you save the Snaps without sending any notification to the sender.

The Snapchat app doesn’t need much introduction as those who love to take selfies and share with their friends must be knowing everything about the Snapchat messaging app.

For those who missed checking Snapchat out, I’d suggest them to download it now and see for themselves how cool this app is.

Snapchat lets you take Snaps from within app itself and share with your friends who are on Snapchat too.

Before sending Snaps to the friends, you can apply lens and geofilters to make Snapchatting more interesting then ever.

The snaps you send to you friends get disappeared automatically within maximum of 10 seconds after it is viewed.SnapChat Saver

Snapchat doesn’t give us any option to save the snaps however we can take screenshots of the snaps. It sends notification to the sender when screenshot is taken.

Apart from that you can chose to record Snapvideo and send to your friends, save snaps in your memories and video chat with our friends.

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Let’s without wasting any more time go straight the list of apps that let us save Snapchats without letting senders know.

Snapchat saver apps: Android apps to save Snapchats:

With the help of these apps you can save the snaps sent to you and keep it forever. It doesn’t let the sender know that the snaps they have sent are saved. Take a look at these apps.

Snapkeep – Download for Android

If you are looking for an efficient Android app that saves all the Snaps that friends have sent, download Snapkeep now ! Its a cool app that let you save all the photos as well the videos sent to you.

The annoying thing which bothers most of the Snapchat users is notification to the send when Snaps are captured, because they don’t want senders to know. It doesn’t happen with Snapkeep.

It will never send any notification to the sender when you save any of their photos or videos in your smartphone.

Once saved, you can keep all the snaps for life. You just have to download, install app and use it very next moment.

So be ready with SnapKeep app on your Android smartphone so that you could save snaps you like next time.

Casper – Download for Android

If you are looking for cool and simple Snapchat saver, download Casper app on your Android smartphone right away.

It again lets you save the snaps in your smartphone for life without having to send any kind of notification to the sender. Casper app

Casper app is not available at Google play store but it’s apk file can be downloaded from the internet and installed manually.

This Snapchat saver app is pretty simple to use and comes with interesting features such as Filters, Stickers etc.

Apart from that you can forward Snaps as well to your friends. Casper Snapchat saver app is compatible for winder range of Android versions, so you need to worry about version compatibility issue!

SnapSave For Android | iOS

SnapSave is yet another great option when it comes to a good Snapchat saver app. Its simplest user interface and easy to use makes SnapSave one of the best alternative for saving Snapchats.

Snapbox SnapChat Saver

SnapSave can be downloaded for iOS as well as Android devices. For Andorid users, the app is not available through Google Play store and has to be downloaded manually. Download the apk file through the link that I’ve shared and install it manually.

You will have to enable option that allows Android smartphone to download and install apps from other sources than Google play store by going into settings.

Snapbox – Download for Android

The other Snapchat saver app for iOS is SnapBox that again a very simple app and helps you save Snapchats which are sent to you without letting the senders know.


It saves, Photos, Videos etc in your smartphone and allows you to share the snaps with your friends after adding filter and stickers.

I hope you liked our list of Snapchat saver apps. If you do, share this article with your friends so that they could save the snaps of their choices as well.

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