Unable to connect to NVIDIA Error [Fixed]

How to fix Unable to connect to NVIDIA Error {resolved}

Are you frustrated with seeing the error “Unable to connect to NVIDIA” as GeForce Experience tries to auto-update the driver to the latest version?

Do you want to resolve this problem and get rid of this annoying error?

If you do, read this article till the end.

By the end of this article, you will have several tips & tricks to resolve this issue.

In case one method doesn’t work for some reason, the other will do it for sure.

Don’t worry, you need not be a tech geek to follow the instructions that have been told in this post.

We will be discussing three methods which are quite simple and explained step by step with images so that you could easily follow the process.

On a serious note, keeping our PC updated with the latest version of drivers and applications is always recommended.

It is necessary from the security point of view as well as to improve the performance of your computer/laptop.

This is the reason, some programs, and drivers are set for auto-update just like GeForce Experience!

If there is any problem with GeForce Experience, you will see the error “Unable to connect to NVIDIA. Check your internet connection”.

NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience is a supporting program that helps with auto-updating drivers for the GTX graphic card of your computer.

Unable to connect to NVIDIA

This error occurred not due to your bad internet connection if you are going by the literal meaning of the error, hence restarting your modem, turning Wi-Fi on/off, or calling your ISP provider wouldn’t resolve this error.

Though there is no exact reason too as to why this error occurs there are some fixes that resolve this problem in most cases.

Why do we get the error “Unable to connect to NVIDIA”?

As I said we don’t get this error because of a definite reason such as if a particular program or application stops auto-updater to connect with the NVIDIA server etc., the reasons can vary from one PC user to another.

However, there are a few general causes of this error. Such as:

  • Your internet connection is turned off.
  • NVIDIA service is not able to start.
  • There is a glitch with the current version of Geforce Experience and be resolved in the next version etc.

The cause of encountering this error is not limited to the above-said reasons, it can be due to missing or corrupt files of the operating system as well.

So the reason can be different for a different user.

Irrespective of the fact of what causing this error, we have shared methods of fixing it.

We have worked on all possible causes (based on the reader’s queries) and believe our suggested fixes should resolve this problem for you.

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How to fix the Unable to connect to NVIDIA error

Check out the below fixes, we hope you will be able to get rid of this annoying error.

Although Unable to connect to NVIDIA error is not much important It is annoying as it can come anytime and last for months.

Instead of ignoring it all the time, take one-time pain to fix it permanently using the below methods.

Method:1- Start NVIDIA network services

Whatever the cause of this problem, the core reason is GeForce Experience is not able to auto-update drivers.

Now, preventing auto-update is something that varies from one PC user to another.

One of the reasons that prevent GeForce Experience auto-updater is “NVIDIA Network Service” has not started.

You can see in the below screenshot, apart from NVIDIA Network services, all other services which are set as “Automatic” have started.

NVIDIA Network service status still says “Starting”

nvidia-network-service-not started

So now, we figured out the problem. Let’s go ahead and fix it.

Step 1– Press Win + R.

Step 2– Type “Services.msc” and hit enter. You will see NVIDIA Network Services is not started.

Step 3– Go to C Drive > Program Data > NVIDIA Corporation > netservice and look for the file named “NSManagedtasks.xml”.

We need to get rid of this file as in most cases it stops NVIDIA Network services from being started.

Some people suggest deleting this file but I wouldn’t! instead, I would advise the readers to cut the file and save it in other drives to be on the safer side.

Although this file is not much important and could be deleted but still taking precautionary measures doesn’t hurt.

If you don’t find it, change the folder settings to show all the files.

Step 4– Go to Task Manager by pressing Alt + Ctrl+Del button simultaneously and force kill “NVNetworkService.exe *32 process from the “Process” Tab.

Step 5– Again Press Win + R and check the “NVIDIA Network Services” status. It should be “Running” now.


That’s all. We hope it resolves the problem. If it doesn’t move to our next fix.

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Method:2- Automatic Driver Update Utility

As I said above the core reason for getting the “Unable to Connect to NVIDIA” error is the inability to auto-updating the driver.

If we could update the driver, we may resolve this issue. Take a look:

Step 1– Go to  www.geforce.com/drivers.

NVIDIA Auto driver update

Step 2– Download “Automatic Driver Updates”

Step 3– Install the software.

Step 4– Open “Automatic Driver Updates” It will check for the latest version and automatically update download and install the latest GeForce driver.

Check now, you will see the “Unable to connect to NVIDIA” error is resolved.

Method:3- Manual Driver Update

This is the most obvious method and if any of these methods don’t work, this method will work for sure.

Step 1– Go to GeForce website www.geforce.com/drivers and head over to “Manual Driver Search”.

Step 2- Search for the driver and click the one which you want to download.

Step 3- “Click that green button “AGREE & DOWNLOAD”

NVIDIA Auto driver update

Step 4– Press Win + R and type “devmgmt.msc” and hit enter. The device manager will open.

Step 5– To go Display driver and then Graphics card.

Step 6– Right-click on the graphics card and select “Update driver software”

Step 7– Browse & locate the driver you have downloaded in STEP 3. Follow the screen instructions and update the driver.

That’s all!

You should not see the Unable to connect to NVIDIA error now.

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