WhatsApp for Laptop- 3 Ways to use WhatsApp on Laptop

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded app on every play store. Let it be Google Play store, iTune, Windows app store or BlackBerry. This mobile app was started in 2008 and since then, it has gained huge popularity all over the world. At first it was launched as Mobile app but today we have several means to use WhatsApp on different devices. In this post, we will discuss how to get WhatsApp for Laptop.

We have three different methods by which you can use WhatsApp on laptop/desktop and other big screen devices.

Since acquisition by social media giant Facebook, WhatsApp is updated several times with cool features. The most important update was the calling feature. While the rivals such as Viber, WeChat etc were offering calling feature, WhatsApp had this feature missing.

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The calling feature finally brought to WhatsApp in 2015 and later on several other features such as ability to transfer different files (pdf, gif), design overhaul, video calling etc  were added. The company released WhatsApp Web to use it via browser & Desktop client recently that can be downloaded and installed on your Laptop.

WhatsApp features-

Before we move ahead and get WhatsApp for Laptop via different ways, let’s take a look at the silent features of WhatsApp. I will be discussing the important features as listing them all could make this list bigger.

  • Make unlimited Free domestic  voice/video calls.
  • Make unlimited Free international voice/video calls.
  • Send /receive unlimited free text/voice /video messages.
  • Send/ receive documents such as pdf file etc.
  • Make chatting with your friend more entertaining by use of interesting emojis.
  • Automatically find people on WhatsApp from contact list.
  • There is no need of username and password.
  • Receive offline messages.
  • E-mail chat history to your email.
  • Share your location from app itself.
  • Broadcast your message to contacts.
  • Create Group and plan party, birthday celebration or use the feature for business related discussion.
  • Set WhatsApp status that disappears in 10 seconds.

How to get WhatsApp for Laptop:

While earlier there was no way to get WhatsApp for Laptop or Desktop, the developers have now put forth several options for the users. While they can enjoy WhatsApp on their mobile devices, they have dedicated client and WhatsApp web option for Laptop. We will discuss three different ways of getting WhatsApp for Laptop. Let’s go ahead:

WhatsApp for Laptop: via WhatsApp Web-

The best option to get WhatsApp for Laptop is to use WhatsApp via browser. The WhatsApp web was first started couple of years back that given people who wanted to use WhatsApp on big screen such as laptop or the desktop a good choice.

In this method you need not to download anything for getting WhatsApp for Laptop. Hence, no matter if your laptop don’t have disk space to install any program, you can still use WhatApp through browser .

Steps to get WhatsApp for Laptop:

  1. Open your favorite browser and type- web.whatsapp.com. You will see the screen with QR code on the left hand side. You will also see a check box that says “keep me signed in”. Check or un-check this checkbox based on your preference.WhatsApp for Laptop - via whatsapp web
  2. Pickup your smartphone, go to menu and then select “WhatsApp Web”. The QR scanner will open. WhatsApp Web
  3. Scan QR code from on laptop screen and the connection between your smartphone and the Laptop will be established. Now you can use WhatsApp from Laptop. scan QR codeIf you have chosen to receive notifications, you will start to receive them as soon as there is any. For example you will see popup notification when someone sends message on WhatsApp. You can use laptop keyboard to type messages faster and accurately now.
Points to remember:

There are certain things you need to know if you chose to get WhatsApp for Laptop via this method.

  • Your phone must remain connected to Internet.
  • If you have checked the checkbox “keep me signed in”, anyone can see your messages if they somehow get access to your laptop by typing WhatsApp web url.
  • Avoid using WhatApp Web through public computers such as collage/school computers, Cafe etc.
  • If you forget to log off from WhatsApp Web, anyone can see your personal messages and all those that will be sent further until you log out.

WhatsApp for Laptop: via WhatsApp CLIENT-

The other method to get WhatsApp for Laptop is through desktop client. Yes ! WhatsApp has desktop clients as well which can be downloaded for Windows as well MAC and used right from there.

The process of using WhatsApp through desktop client is somewhat same as using WhatsApp via WhatsApp web. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Go to your favorite browser and open website www.whatsapp.com.
  2. Go to download section and download WhatsApp client for Windows PC/ Mac. Whatsapp for Laptop
  3. Install WhatsApp desktop client by double clicking the downloaded file. The installation may take sometime. Allow it to complete.
  4. Once the installation is done, open it and you will see the similar screen as WhatsApp web.Whatsapp Client
  5. Pick your smartphone, go to WhatsApp Web and scan QR code that appears on Desktop client home screen. Once scanned, the connection will be established between phone and desktop client. You may now use laptop keyboard to type messages and send files.

Whatsapp desktop client

WhatsApp for Laptop: via Android Emulator

The other way of using WhatsApp on Laptop/ Desktop is with the help of android emulators. We have created a list of best android emulators for PC and you can download any of these. I’ll use BlueStacks. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Open browser and type www.bluestacks.com.
  2. Download Bluestacks for Windows PC/ Mac
  3. Install BlueStacks like you install other softwares.
  4. Once it is installed, open Bluestacks and type “WhatsApp” in search bar, WhatsApp will appear in results. Alternatively, you can go to “TOP CHARTS”, you will find WhatsApp.
  5. Click to install WhatsApp. It will take sometime to get it installed.
  6. Once installed, you will have a shortcut created that you can click and start using WhatsApp on laptop.

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