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If you are looking to register an account with or need to sign in to your existing account, this article explains the whole process in detail along with other features that you enjoy when you are a registered subscriber.

Not only you get a free email account which is very important in today’s life but you get other complimentary services and products as well.

After registering with, you can log in to Google Hangout and chat with your friends who are using Hangout too.

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You can make unlimited Free voice and video calls with Google chat without having to pay anything. So, to be precise, there are lots of benefits to having a account.

Why do I need to register account?

Whether you are a student, a working professional, or even a stay-at-home mom, you necessarily need an e-mail account and you get an e-mail account when you register at sign in

An e-mail address is like your home address or phone number that you can be reached through.

On the internet, when you make any purchase being a stay-at-home from Amazon or another shopping website, you need an email account Or if you are a student and applying for a scholarship program from some university, you need an email account.

So, in general, whosoever uses a computer (most of us do) & smartphone, must have to get an email account.

Even when you buy an Android smartphone, you must have a account.

Without a account, you will not be able to use your Android smartphone or any other Android device.

It is because Android is Google’s mobile operating system and you must have to sign in with your existing account to start an Android smartphone.

Again, you need an e-mail address to communicate with your Bank, Electricity Department, Schools, colleges, universities, and other govt as well as private departments.

Why and not other e-mail services?

By now you could have an idea of how important it is to have an e-mail account. Now the question arises why

So there are several reasons why you should go with if you need an e-mail account.

One of the most important reasons, is owned by the world’s most advanced technology company Google!

Google being the #1 tech company keeps on updating with the latest features and improved user interface that makes it interesting to use.

Moreover, since is Google’s product, you can rest assured that your e-mail account is super secured.

The top-notch security features restrict those hackers who actively look to hack people’s e-mail accounts and steal sensitive information.

You wouldn’t want anyone to steal your Credit Card information.

Another great reason can be Gmail is one of the oldest free e-mail address providers and not going to shut down anytime soon.

So once you sign up, you are going to use your email for the rest of your life.

Features of has several interesting features that you might not find with other free e-mail address providers.

Take a look at the important ones below:

  • is Free for Life.
  • 25 GB Gdrive cloud storage
  • Attach bigger files with email because of Google Drive integration.
  • Create Google forms for surveys, and research.
  • Use MS Office- Word & Excel online.
  • Chat with your friend via Google Chat
  • Top-Notch security features
  • Easy to use interface
  • Automatic Spam filter
  • Auto-filter emails under different categories

How to register account

Registering an account with is quite simple, anyone without much technical knowledge can create one.

Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to create a account.

Step 1– Open the browser on your computer and search for The Open first link that appears in search results or simply CLICK HERE

Step 2– Open the link, you will see a form as shown in the below image which asks for basic information such as First/Last Name, Address, DOB, Gender, etc.

Step 3– Fill out all the information including the phone number. If you have a current e-mail account, enter it else leave it blank.

You need to choose a unique “username” or else you will not be able to create an e-mail account.

You might find the username you want to claim is already taken by someone, so give it a try a few times till you get one.

Step 4– Once you fill in all the information, click the blue “Next Step” button at the bottom.

Step 5– If all the information you have entered is correct and also the username is available, you will be taken to the account where you can send a test email to anyone you want.

That’s all for registering account! Sign in

Once you have a account, you can straight away open login URL and enter your username & password to access your e-mail account.

Click here for the Direct Sign-in URL. Bookmark this URL for future reference!

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not reveal the password to anyone.
  • When you sign in to your account through a public computer, make sure nobody watching you enter the password.
  • Don’t use easy to guess passwords such as your Mobile number or Date of Birth or any sequential Characters/digits such as “abcd” or “12345”
  • Use Alphanumeric Characters and at least one special character in your password.
  • Write down the password to a safe place. You don’t want to forget it.
  • Change your password after an interval. Maybe 3 or 4 months.
  • Avoid accessing your account from a public computer if possible.
  • Set Security questions to secure your Gmail account
  • Add a phone number with your Gmail account. You need a phone number if you forget the password.

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